By means of the 3D digitalization, geometrical information is captured from a sample or model. This information can be used either for achieving a dimensional control or a reverse engineering process.

  • Inspection and control geometrical and dimensional

Direct measures: that can include virtual calibre to measure any dimensión marks of any digitalized model.

GD&T measurements: measures of cylindricity, parallelism, position, etc. under the measure standard GD&T (geometrical dimensioning and tolerancThird-dimensional analysis of metrological deviations: comparison between the third-dimensional metrological deviations of digitalized models and the CAD or digitalized model “pattern”.

  • Digitalization and reverse engineering

Polygonal models of creation (STL) for the direct manufacturing CAD-CAM or prototype.

Reconstruction of CAD models from digitalized ones.

All included services in reverse engineering: reconstruction of models, production of spares and dimensional control.

  • Mechanical simulation using FEM

The Finite Elements Method is a numeric technique used in the industry to solve complex problems of engineering, with a huge range of physics whose resolution can be set out through its use.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics allows to numerically solve the Navier-Stokes equations for which, except for simple problems and domains, scientific community hasn’t found a concrete solution yet.

The advantage of commercial reference software in CFD is the amount of valid mathematics, solvers, temporal integration of methods that allows the precise characterization of a huge range of physical phenomena that would define the behaviour of fluids.

  • Theory and practice training in FEM and CFD.
  • Consulting for deploying CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) techniques.

The i4CAM DIH uses a diagnostic model that analyzes the current stage and potential to digitize processes for the digital transformation of the industrial activity. This may help companies to identify the possible projects with which initiate their digital transformation proceedings. Should you be interested, please use the form for requesting a diagnostic.

Since the research, technological development and innovation are the pillars on which the competitive development of a company leans, from DIH i4CAM HUB they are supported in the knowledge for being able to access to the digital technologies, just as the financial sources for carrying out the required investments. All of it through the consulting of the R&D&I projects development for the digital transformation of your business.

The know-how of a company lies on its human resources, which are mainly the people and the knowledge-based development.

Because of that, the knowledge transfer and the talent generation are a key goal, since it affects directly to the capabilities of the companies and their competitiveness. All the initiatives are developed under a dual format, allowing to combine knowledge and experience.

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