Industrial focus

Proximity between DIHs and companies is an important factor and the first point of contact for companies will often be a DIH in the same region.

For the same reason, DIHs are focused on the sectors of the companies under their geographical influence.

i4CAM HUB has as a goal to improve the competitiveness of strategic industrial sectors for the region, especially metal manufacturers and agri-food, through the implementation of digital technologies in their business processes, production, products and services. The industrial sector is a key element in the development and growth of the region, standing out as an essential lever to promote R&D and the digitization of the region.

In fact, the metallurgical sector constitutes a fundamental link in the productive network due to its articulation with different industrial sectors: energy, primary sector industries, the transport industry –including the automobile, aeronautical and railway sectors–, networks telecommunications, the agri-food industry, agriculture, the main process industries –including the chemical, petrochemical and plastic industries– and the metal-mechanical and electrical industries.

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